Miriam Bird

Miriam Bird

Miriam Bird

Prof. PhD
Büro 2-240
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen
Main Focuses
  • Entrepreneurship and Strategy
  • Family Entrepreneurship
  • Small and medium-sized Enterprises
Fields of research
  • Small and medium-sized Enterprises
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Family Business

2017: Academy of Management Best Paper Award (with S. Querbach)

2015: Carolyn Dexter Award (with N. Kammerlander, C. Dessi, M. Floris)  

2015: IFERA Nomination for the best conference research paper

2015: Academy of Management Best Paper Award (with N. Kammerlander, C. Dessi, M. Floris)  

2015: FFI Best Doctoral Dissertation Award

2014: Swedish Research Council for Health, Working, Life and Welfare: Grant: Grant for conference participations

2012: Svartz Foundation: Grant for Research Stay at HEC Montreal and McGill University

2010: Söderberg Foundation: Grant for PhD Studies

2007: Grant for Excellent Research Proposals (Master thesis) 

Additional Information

Selected Publications

Bird, M.& Zellweger, T. (forthcoming): Relational embeddedness and firm growth: Comparing spousal and sibling entrepreneurs. Organization Science.  

Bird, M. & Wennberg, K. (2016). Why family matters: The impact of family resources on immigrant entrepreneurs’ exit from entrepreneurship. Journal of Business Venturing 31 (6), 687-704.  

Kammerlander, N., Dessi, C., Bird, M. & Floris, M. (2015). The impact of shared stories on family firm innovation: A multicase study. 28 (4), Family Business Review 28 (4), 332-354.  

Bird, M. & Wennberg, K. (2014). Regional influences on the prevalence of family versus non-family start-ups (2014). Journal of Business Venturing 29 (3), 421-436.  

Wiklund, J., Nordqvist, M.& Hellerstedt, K., Bird, M. (2013). Internal versus external ownership transition in family firms: An embeddedness perspective. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 37 (6), 1319-1340.